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    Road to Riches
    Year: 2014
    Size: 14"h x 14"w
    Medium: Oil and colored pencil, acrylic gouache
    White Crane/Proximity from the Edge
    Year: 2015
    Size: 27'h x 15"w
    Medium: Gesso, ink, acrylic gouache
    Dream Construction
    Year: 2015
    Size: 14"h x 14" h
    Medium: Colored pencil, watercolor, graphite
    Within Yellow
    Year: 2015
    Size: 37"h x 30.5"w
    Medium: Oil
    Summer Swarm
    Year: 2015
    Size: 15.5"h x 15"w
    Medium: Oil
    Year: 2015
    Size: 48"h x 36"w
    Medium: Oil on treated paper
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